fredag 7 december 2012


Here's some pictures from the concerts in Poland! It was hard to update you along the way since we all were on stage - BUT - Some new found friends took up the camera, and voila:

This was from a review Music Is gave me - Read it HERE
(PS. in polish - I recommend Google translate, you will get a few words, but for example in the swedish "google translation" you will also get a few laughs...ah google translate, you are my friend)

Photo taken by: Magdalena Zatwarnicka


Then Music Is took some wonderful photos, thank you!

See the whole slideshow at Music Is WEBSITE!

Photos taken by: Ivona Tautkute

See the whole slideshow at Music Is WEBSITE


This is from our last concert   - Thank you Maciek Sławski for the wonderful text and photos!
See the review HERE

As I've probably said before:

Thank you everybody for the wonderful words and pics and friendships!

Also, worth mentioning again

Tour family:

Johan Hjalmarsson - Drums
Karin Verbaan - Vocals, perc.
Hannah Tolf - Vocals, perc.
Maja Jerneborg - Vocals, perc.


Our lovely tourmanager Rafel. I love you, we love you. See you again soon.


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