måndag 29 oktober 2012


Kära vänner. Ta en titt på länken nedan. Så himla vackert! Jag känner kärleken i Göteborg nu.




"Till minne av de 63 unga människor som gick bort i diskoteksbranden 1998"

Text och Musik: Hannah Tolf
Sång - Hannah Tolf
Kontrabas - Donovan Von Martens
Trummor - Anna Lund
Orgel - Per Walfridsson

lördag 20 oktober 2012

Thank you!

I just got an email! This wonderful photographer Stig-Magnus Thorsén just sent me some pictures from the concert at Lokal/the Jazz Sessions! 
Oh, things like this truly makes my day. I found it so beautiful. 

Thank you Stig-Magnus and thank you all for coming to the concert!

The Jazz Sessions
Johan Hjalmarsson
Hannah Tolf
Hannah Shermis
Maja Jerneborg
Lovisa Samuelsson


See Stig-Magnus Thorséns pictures below:


tisdag 16 oktober 2012

The Jazz Sessions!

I got the honour of being a part of the Season Premiere - The Jazz Sessions is back!
It's a wonderful club in my hometown, Gothenburg. They have changed the location to a place named LOKAL (Kyrkogatan 11, close to Domkyrkan), and on thursday (the 18th) we kick it off!  There will be two acts this evening - Don't miss Lovisa Samuelsson, she's a wonderful musician and songwriter!

Since it's Season Premiere - Fullband!  Welcome friends!
/ X

Xenia Kriisin and musicians:

Xenia Kriisin - Voc, Zither, Basspedal
Johan Hjalmarsson - Drums
Hannah Tolf - Voc
Hannah Shermis - Voc
Maja Jerneborg - Voc

Lovisa Samuelsson and Friends:

Lovisa Samuelsson- Voc, Ukelele, Guitar
Johan Andersson - Voc
Per Norin - Pump Organ
Daniel Hedin - Trombone
Johan Bengtsson -  Contrabass
Anna Lund - Drums

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Grande finale!


Last concert tonight - Poppari in Juväskylä. 
It's been a very calm and joyful day, we finally got some time to just do nothing. Especially we hade some time to just hang out - even though the last supper was some sort of a business-meeting ( yes we are making plans, keep your eyes open! ) we still sat down and just were together. Really sweet. I'm in love with this people!! They took me and Johan to a really old and traditional Sauna and then up to the highest tower in Tampere - beautiful! Sauna, donuts, coffee, roadtrip, concert. Couldn't ask for more.



fredag 12 oktober 2012

Xenia - Johan - Color Dolor

On the road!!
We're half way through. The tour started with a lovely but shaky gig on the "culture-tram" in Helsinki, that was a first! Afterwords we had a wonderful evening at Korjaamo - bless the audience.

Now we've just arrived in Tampere, a bit tired from yesterdays gig in Turku, but we're happy, living & loving! 
Kärlek /Xenia - Johan - Color Dolor

Culture tram


Stina Dolor + Xenia


måndag 8 oktober 2012


Tomorrow - Doubletour  - Finland!!

Xenia Kriisin - Johan Hjalmarsson & the most amazing finnish band Color Dolor is going on tour together! Please read about/listen to/enjoy/experience/love them HERE

See dates below:

Photo by: Antti Saarainen            -           Masks by: Sirkku Mäenpää

wed 10/10 Xenia Kriisin, Heta&Siggi @ Korjaamon Vintti, Helsinki

thur 11/10 Color Dolor, Xenia Kriisin @ Bar Kuka, Turku

fri 12/10 Color Dolor, Xenia Kriisin @ O’Connells, Tampere

sat 13/10 Color Dolor, Xenia Kriisin @ Poppari, Jyväskylä

sun 14/10 Color Dolor @ Kulman Legenda, Kajaani