tisdag 16 oktober 2012

The Jazz Sessions!

I got the honour of being a part of the Season Premiere - The Jazz Sessions is back!
It's a wonderful club in my hometown, Gothenburg. They have changed the location to a place named LOKAL (Kyrkogatan 11, close to Domkyrkan), and on thursday (the 18th) we kick it off!  There will be two acts this evening - Don't miss Lovisa Samuelsson, she's a wonderful musician and songwriter!

Since it's Season Premiere - Fullband!  Welcome friends!
/ X

Xenia Kriisin and musicians:

Xenia Kriisin - Voc, Zither, Basspedal
Johan Hjalmarsson - Drums
Hannah Tolf - Voc
Hannah Shermis - Voc
Maja Jerneborg - Voc

Lovisa Samuelsson and Friends:

Lovisa Samuelsson- Voc, Ukelele, Guitar
Johan Andersson - Voc
Per Norin - Pump Organ
Daniel Hedin - Trombone
Johan Bengtsson -  Contrabass
Anna Lund - Drums

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