onsdag 29 augusti 2012


We started of with a small but beautiful audience at the Nordic House, thank you all for coming, defeating the rain and wind! A nervous start, since it was the first concert in Reykjavik ever - You don't know what to expect. But we were prepared, had a long soundcheck and warm up.
The day after we did a promo-gig at the 12 Tonar record store, like a kick-off for Melodica Festival.
A couple of hours later both me and Johan agreed that we had the best night ever. Oh what a joy to be on Café Rosenbergs stage! It's hard to describe, but everything, every piece of the puzzle was matching. You know that feeling that you can go on forever, the feeling of total excitement and at the same time you have never been so calm and focused in your entire life. You live for those those moments, makes all the hard work worth it.
The last day we had a wonderful outdoor concert ending the tour.
We felt connected with Iceland and that Iceland was connected with us, we even sold out all of our cd's!
Thank you all for coming, thank you Melodica for making our last days in Iceland unforgettable!
Love from Xenia & Johan

Melodica Festival, Café Rosenberg


Photos from the Nordic House and some other photos...

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